You have a store and you’re ready to start taking sales and shipping products, but how does it work?

If your item is lost during shipping or damaged please keep in mind it can take 3 to 4 weeks for a claim to be processed and settled with the shipper. Normally it does not take that long.
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If we have supplied you with a tracking number and the shipper shows the item has been delivered then you need to contact the shipper to have them put a trace on the item. Once the item leaves the warehouse we are no longer responsible for the item, the shipper is from that point on.

Shipping Information:

Most packages will be delivered to their destination within 5-10 business days from the ship date.
Most items normally leave the warehouse within 2-5 business days after you place your order. Any exceptions will be stated in the description of the item.
Large items and custom made items normally leave the warehouse within 1-10 business days.
As soon as your order ships and we receive the tracking number, we will post the tracking number to your Google Checkout page. In most cases we will also email you.

Orders are processed almost immediately upon receipt. Order cancellations must be requested by email within 30 minutes of placing the order. After this time    we can not cancel the order. It must process, be delivered and then returned (Please see our Return Policy).

Certain larger items may take up to 1-6 weeks for delivery.

We only ship to the Continental United States and APO/FPO addresses (Items that can be shipped to APO/FPO addresses are limited, please ask before ordering). We can no longer ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Items shipped to APO/FPO destinations will normally be delivered to the APO/FPO address within 5-10 business days from the ship date. Final delivery of those items will be subject to the terms and conditions of APO/FPO services.
We no longer ship to Post Office Boxes.
For information on shipping times for large items and items requiring special handling, please see contact us.

Dropshipping Information:

If you are just beginning your own wholesale/retail business and don’t have the money or the space to keep your own inventory, you may be interested in our “Drop Shipping” service. This method allows you to start selling right now!


dropshipping containerEven if you already have an established business, Drop Shipping merchandise can expand your current product line with no extra expense allowing you to increase the service and products you provide to your customers.

Here is a brief step by step tutorial of how  Drop Shipping can help you earn a substantial extra income RISK FREE from the comfort of your own home!


  • You place the products for sale using your own E-Commerce web site, or whatever medium you feel will generate sales. (Note: If posting items to online auction sites be sure to review their Intellectual Properties rules)Once you have made a sale, you simply collect your customers money for the retail price of that sale,  Shipping and Handling is FREE so you do not have to worry about calculating shipping or handling charges. You can accept personal checks, money orders, credit cards, Pay Pal, or any payment method you would like when collecting payments from your customers. It is up to you how you run your business!


  • After you have taken the order, (and your customer’s payment), you place an exact copy of the order at Our site and have us “Drop Ship” the order to your Customer directly. To place the order, simply visit our web site and during the payment process use your information for the billing address and your customer’s information for the delivery address.


  • We will receive your Drop Ship order, process it immediately and ship the order directly to your customer using “Auto Processing System” to process the order and ship the item to your customer.
    The customer assumes the order came from your source.
    The entire inventory is available for you to use in whatever way you wish when selling the products.To sum things up, there are no hidden fees, and the merchandise truly is priced for you to profit from. There are no extra fees for drop shipping and no memberships fees required for the service, no shipping fees. Drop Shipping should save you money, not cost you money!


  • You sell the item at the price of your choice.
  • You sell the product to a customer.
  • You collect the payment from the customer.
  • You place the order at our web site using your customer’s shipping address
  • We ship the item directly to your customer.
  • You keep the difference between your cost and the price you charged the customer.Please keep in mind that the items we sell are popular selling items.  The items do go out of stock from time to time and prices can change.  Please check your items regularly. We provide an Out of Stock list via the Stock List link on the Home Page.If you are Drop Shipping the items you might want to include something similar to this when selling the items:

    “This item is currently in stock as of this listing.  Please keep in mind that we sell the items thru various mediums and from time to time an item may become out of stock.  If this happens you will be offered a full refund or an item to replace it.”


Check out this video if you still have questions.

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